Red Team & Red Cell

Red Team

Red Team is a role that avoids groupthink, echo chambers, cultural missteps, and tunnel vision during your planning process.

Our team of pragmatic polymaths focus on your operations and planning, perform a critical review and analysis, and competitive intelligence. Our Red Team challenges your organization with alternatives developed through critical thought. This improves your decision making and helps you achieve your realistic organizational goals.

Our Red Team’s independent perspective helps you think creatively and critically- we reframe problems and uncover alternative choices.

Provocatie Insights Red Team will improve your decision making, problem solving, and understanding of your competitive space.

Red Cell

Red Cell is a role that stress tests your strategy from the perspective of a thinking competitor. We test your strengths and vulnerabilities through rigorous analysis and give you provocative insights into the mindsets of your competitors.

Provocative Insights Red Cell prepares you for likely responses from your competitors to your actions.

Our Red Cell team will help you select the course of action most likely to succeed in a competitive space that is volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous (VUCA).

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