Provocative Insights, a Qui Audet Group, Ltd. Co. brand, was created in 2016 to handle the research and analysis required by our clients who needed clarity to make better decisions and reduce risk.

Our clients have included businesses who need insights into their market and potential customers, manufacturers and trade associations who need insights into building codes and standards, organizations who need strategic insights into their strategy development, and attorneys who need insights into the building science behind homes that fail to perform.

We’d love to brag about the specifics of the work we do and who we do it for, but…

We firmly believe our clients deserve to keep the competitive advantage we deliver a secret. We believe you deserve that as well.

We combine a free-thinking research approach, a defined problem framing and solving process, and a rigorous search for evidence, not opinion, about how your world really works. This, when coupled with our polymath expertise, delivers the provocative insights you need to make better decisions.

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