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How would you like to get into the mind of your customer? We provide provocative market insights that inform your strategy and help you make better decisions.

Beyond demographics and psychographics, market insights should provide you with answers to questions you have about what your customers really want, why they chose a competitive offering over yours, how they decide, and what they are really trying to achieve when they purchase AND use your offering.

We observe your customers through the lens of the Jobs To Be Done Theory and use evidence-based research from behavioral economics to develop our provocative market insights to help you avoid disastrous decisions on offering design, pricing, and delivery. The fancy term for this is “ethnographic” research and analysis- where we observe your market as it really is, not how you wish it were.

The Provocative Insights team improves your marketing message effectiveness through the insights developed from a deep understanding of your customers’ Job To Be Done.

Everything begins and ends with your market – their needs, wants, desires – their often unarticulated Job To Be Done that drives their purchasing behavior and loyalty.

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