Organizational Insights

Competitive intelligence conjures images of outside consultants conducting gray operations against your competitors, gathering information on them so you can gain a competitive advantage.

Reality is much different for organizations that operate with integrity.

The Provocative Insights team produces objective, clear and concise research and analysis on your competitive space – which includes not only your market but also the only source of sustainable competitive advantage, your people.

Our polymath team of researchers and analysts don’t provide you information. We provide you actionable insights that give meaning to information, wisdom to knowledge, and relevance to data.

Our organizational insights allow your organization to stay nimble; react quickly in a volatile, uncertain chaotic, ambiguous (VUCA) world; learn from the mistakes of others; stay ahead of your competitors; and differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

We help you reduce your risk of falling into pitfalls and traps, improve your ability to innovate, identify areas of opportunity, and produce a competitive strategy that wins.

Our organizational insights improve your decision-making, save you time and money, avoid costs while increasing your revenue, generates value, help you avoid surprises, and detect competitive threats.

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