Process Mapping

Process mapping helps you see where your processes align with your key business goals- and where they don’t! Most failures lie in flawed execution, and process mapping helps identify root causes and provides provocative insights to develop more robust processes with a holistic approach. We look for conflicts and blocks between interrelated processes and ways to improve through insights gleaned from those most intimate with your processes- your front line employees.

Process mapping reveals your processes as they are actually done, not how you think they are done or have been told they are done. Your team buys into process mapping because it tells their story of how they actually do their work. When their suggested process improvements are implemented, they take ownership of the process.

Process mapping done with a holistic approach that tells the whole story helps instill a sense of pride and meaning into the work your team members do. They can see how their work contributes to the greater cause, how what they do matters, why they do what they do, and how their work fits into the organization.

Our process mapping framework takes into account your customers as well. After all, what value is in a process that produces something no one wants?

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