How to Generate Value For Your Clients

If your organization doesn’t generate value for your clients, it doesn’t deserve to exist. While that sounds harsh, the truth is your organization is nothing more than a parasite that extracts value and your clients will move on as they search for an organization that makes their life better instead of worse.

How can you tell if your company adds value to your clients?Generate Value

What percentage of your clients are repeat customers?

How many of your customers promote your organization?

To generate value for your clients, you need to know two things: who your client is and what your client needs.

It is important to identify your client. In classic marketing lingo, this is client or customer segmentation. Most organizations have a problem with this because they segment clients based on demographics or the organization’s offering. The organization came up with a gizmo or a whiz-bang service, then searched for a market or client base that could use the offering. All the client identification and segmentation centers on what the organization produces.

We do something completely different. We start by looking at our competencies and capacities then identify potential clients based on who we can add value to through a yet unidentified offering.

The next phase is research that includes ethnographic interviews and observations of the potential client in their own environment. We look for pains we can relieve and gains we can create.

We don’t get bogged down in what they do. We focus on why they do it— the benefit they are trying to gain or loss they are trying to avoid.

This helps us identify the client’s Job To Be Done, the progress they are attempting to make, but are not fully satisfied with. Once we’ve identified the Job or Jobs, we start to design an offering that meets the client requirements and specifications for that Job.

Next, we prototype and run experiments until the clients are satisfied. Our client segmentation isn’t based on who they are, or around an offering we developed then searched for a market— we segment clients based on their common needs.

Organizations generate value for their clients when they value what the client values and then serve the client needs through a thoughtfully designed offering that creates gains for the client and relieves their pains.

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