How the Planning Process Focuses Your Business

Planning Process,

Business plans are useless.

Most are unrealistic fabrications that show a steady increase in revenue projections while costs stay flat or even shrink. And even though everyone knows the Emperor has no clothes, everyone nods their heads and act serious as they ponder the fabrications woven into a tapestry illustrating a successful venture.

I side firmly with the sentiment expressed by General Eisenhower: plans are useless, the act of planning essential. Why? As the great American philosopher Mike Tyson put it: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

The plan isn’t important— the act of planning is, IF you use a planning process that is designed to produce a realistic view of your business. That focus on a good planning process gives you the opportunity to prepare for various scenarios that are likely to occur.

That injects realism into your plan and provides action plans for the reality check the Universe is going to deliver.

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