Provocative Insights

is the business consulting brand of The Dillon Group, Inc. Through it, we provide our clients strategic, competitive, and customer insights to solve their wicked problems.

The purpose of Provocative Insights is to help you achieve market leadership through our insights in the minds of your customer, your competitive space, and your strategy to achieve leadership in your market.

Our team of polymaths leverage our expertise and intense curiosity, perspective wisdom, perceptual acuity, and creativity to tackle your wicked problems that prevent you from becoming the market leader.

Strategic Insights

If your strategy requires a team of well-dressed mercenaries of the business world to execute it, it is the wrong strategy for the resources you have available.

Competitive Insights

Competitive intelligence conjures images of outside consultants conducting gray operations against your competitors, gathering information on them so you can gain a competitive advantage.

Customer Insights

Beyond demographics and psychographics, customer insights should provide you with answers to questions you have about what your customers really want, why they chose a competitive offering over yours, how they decide, and what they are really trying to achieve when they purchase AND use your offering.

Leadership Team
Brett Dillon

Brett Dillon

Chief Executive Officer

Since 2007, Brett has been the Managing Director of IBS Advisors, LLC, a building science-based quality management consultancy. He relies on his widely varied background and interests to apply the Medici Effect to business challenges, often in innovative and stunningly simple ways. He has a talent for making the complex simple, has an amazing ability to improvise with ingenuity and, when leading through a crisis, can often be heard saying, "Adapt and overcome!" He is able to provide successful solutions because he creates innovative ideas based on functional analysis of the relationships and system that make up the problem he is solving.

Dina Dillon

Dina Dillon

Chief Client Officer

With a background in education and organizational management, Dina is our compass to keep focused on delivering our services using human-centered principles. Always searching for the harmonious outcome, she often drives us to ruthlessly discard pre-conceived ideas in search of optimal solutions that work better for all stakeholders. She is a natural leader who excels at organizing people to work together toward a shared goal, and uses her incredible people skills to navigate turbulent relationships.

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The Dillon Group Team operates under five different brands:

  • IBS Advisors provides quality management services in residential construction
  • Intellectual Ferret is the center of quality education, both online and in-person
  • Skaldic Media crafts client stories through a variety of mediums
  • Provocative Insights is the source to understand your company, market, and competitors
  • Optimal Human Experience coaches our clients to excellence through health and personal development
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